Cotton Linter

We respect nature

The safest way
to produce yarn

To produce viscose there are two starting products:

1. wood pulp;
2. the cellulosic part of the cotton flower (which is normally discarded).

There are excellent reforestation programs, if we use the first one. But what happens if we use the second? Not even a tree is touched!
And the cost and quality of viscose yarn from Cotton Linter are at the same levels as other viscose yarn.

The choice of Monvania

Leader in Italy
in Cotton Linter

Monvania mainly uses Cotton Linter viscose yarns. He works them to make them suitable for further production and proposes them because they are very similar in price and performance to the yarns coming from raw materials from wood pulp, both FSC and not. This choice has allowed in a single year taken as an example (2019) to save 182 tall plants equivalent to almost 1000 square meters of forest.

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