Monvania Cotton Linter

The sustainability of viscose
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The viscose yarn that does not cut down a single tree! There are excellent reforestation programs, if we use viscose from wood pulp. But what happens if we use viscose from cotton linter? Not even a tree is touched.



Global Recycle Standard

International certification for recycled textile products. The GRS provides for the issuance of an environmental statement verified by Third part: the content of materials for recycling of their products (both intermediate and finished) and compliance with environmental and social criteria in all the production chain.


Innovation and tradition

Our commitment

With , the goal of always better serving our customers, our company has been organizing for some years to provide most of the items also dyed in wire and, on request, directly on subbi.

The best guarantee of our reliability lies in the success decreed by the market, for which a small industrial reality constituted in 1970 without particular ambitions has become one of the most important companies in its sector.