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Innovation without tradition cannot exist. And the latter is cultivated in our factory as if it was one of our most recent discoveries.
But this also allow us to go on satisfying the needs of our customers who have been counting on us for years to get quality classic fabrics.
Continuity also means reliability: being able to count on a several-year-lasting thread represents one of our manias.

Our history has been going on for 45 years.
This means that our eyes saw an incalculable number of metres of yarns, and also an incalculable amount of types and colours.

All this materials represent an extraordinary archive of products and variants.

We have always been abreast with the times and nowadays we know how to provide what the market is asking for; but at the same time we also have the possibility to produce and provide the classic product, the one that serves for keeping the tradition steady, which at present might be a niche market, but still very appreciated.

We export 35% of our production and know well that such a globalized market is always characterized by a very diversified demand. And for being able to do this, such a long company history represents a key element …

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